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If you have knowledge to share and an audience who wants it, Edulence has the products and services to deliver your ideas and expertise.

Knowledgelink for writers, speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers who want to build an interactive knowledge community around their audience. Build online courses, engage groups of users uniquely and sell content in several different ways.


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Edulence offers Knowledgelink and Eyeblink as subscription products with different service plan levels. Choose the best fit for you and start building your online community immediately. Our team of account specialists works closely with each knowledge expert to realize your online vision and implement strategies to drive traffic and increase user adoption.

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Who We Are

Edulence is a company of talented and driven individuals, passionate about delivering digital knowledge to professionals and building the coolest online tools to do it. We believe every thought leader, knowledge expert, professional trainer and coaching guru should have the ability to easily digitize their ideas and deliver them online to educate and inspire.

We began in 2002 and many things have changed over the years, but our founding vision remains unchanged. Edulence connects your digital knowledge with the people who want it the most and helps you build a business model around this content.

Meet The Team

Why we do what we do

  • “The work we do with Edulence is very complex, involving seamless integration to many companies with different systems. They always deliver on time! I enjoy working the Edulence team.”

    • Cindy Tanton ,Director of Monitoring, Evaluation & Training
    • AARP Services, Inc.
  • “The Hoopis Performance Network’s strategic partnership with Edulence has been invaluable! Leveraging Edulence’s K2 platform has enabled us to develop one of the most robust, comprehensive content libraries and online universities in the financial services space. They deliver the most innovative product in the industry.”

    • Joey Davenport ,Principal & Chief Development Officer
    • Hoopis Performance Network
  • “We wanted to change most of our website content and give it a new look and feel as well. With limited direction and vague ideas, Edulence gave us the design and flow we were looking for with a quick turnaround time and few revisions. We had such a positive experience working with everyone at Edulence!”

    • Laurie Ann Thorne,Director of Operations
    • Northeast Private Client Group

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Our Team


Jon Tota

Co-founder and President |

Over the past two decades, Jon Tota has established himself as a pioneer in online education for corporate training. Jon began his career on Wall Street in sales and technology positions at PaineWebber and UBS. After several years as a business analyst and consultant to some of the largest firms in financial services, Jon co-founded Edulence in 2002 to deliver the industry’s best digital knowledge to a global audience of financial advisors. Since then, Edulence has become a leader in cloud-based content distribution and management, powering many of the largest online universities in the insurance and banking industries. These days, Jon is focused on helping the next generation of thought leaders build businesses around their online courses and digital expertise.

Edulence provides software solutions to help large enterprises and content providers easily share training and marketing knowledge with any audience. Our Knowledgelink software helps enterprises enhance recruiting, development, and marketing support. Edulence is a repeat Inc. 5000 company, a Webby Honoree in the Financial Services Category and Interactive Advertising Competition Winner.

Jon speaks at industry events across the country on a variety of topics, including online education trends and strategies, knowledge sharing and instructional design. His articles and videos on these topics have been featured in several trade publications and websites. Jon graduated with honors from Villanova University and currently serves on the Board of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization as the Learning Chair. He is an avid runner and lives in New York City with his wife and three sons.


Carolyn Haggerty

VP, Business Management |

Carolyn has managed corporate finances and human resources to assist in the growth, development, and success of Edulence. Carolyn is an advisor to the president on key financial decisions and is responsible for day-to-day financial operations of the company.


Peter Getchell

VP, Sales |

Peter joined Edulence in 2005 with more than eight years of experience in client services and sales. He currently is a member of the executive team and spearheads all business development initiatives for Edulence. As a long time Boston and Phillies sports fan, Peter catches a lot of slack from the New York faithfuls. Peter now resides in Connecticut with his wife and two beautiful daughters.


Moki Goyal

VP, Product Development |

Moki manages the Knowledgelink team. He joined Edulence in March of 2008. His blend of consulting, web and video production, and being a massive technology nerd adds a unique perspective in building Edulence’s products and solutions.  He studied at Tufts University and is also a graduate of NYU’s Center for Advanced Digital Applications. And, once, a very long time ago, he thought he could dance like Michael Jackson.


Yoomi Chun

Creative Director |

Yoomi spearheads the Marketing Team. She is an award winning designer with extensive experience in UI/UX design, minimalistic and elegant design approaches. Her attention to detail produces high quality visuals for Edulence, on and offline.


Alex Kim

Lead Software Engineer |

Alex is a man of few words, but he does not really care. People may not understand him, but as long as he has the love of his wife, son, and career as a developer he is one happy guy. Alex is brilliant in more ways than just as a developer. In his free time, Alex loves to do world traveling with his son on Google Earth.


Rayo Landeros

Senior Software Engineer |

Rayo is from Mexico. Rayo is a full stack developer, she works on both the front end and back end. She rides her bike everyday as her mode of transportation and is completely obsessed with soccer. In her free time, Rayo likes to cook and sleep.


Erin Walworth

Software Engineer |

Erin has extensive experience in creating custom wordpresses and portfolio websites. She is a top-tier front end developer whose troubleshooting skills are exceptional. Erin has a plethora of knowledge in history, biology, and almost all random facts. She can also bake a mean pie crust. When she’s not coding away at her desk, she’s hanging out in Brooklyn.


Karlene Readinger

Account Manager |

Karlene is an account manager and a member of the Customer Success team. She has a passion for organization and problem solving. With degrees in marketing and management, she uses her experience to effectively promote and communicate with clients while meeting deadlines. When she’s not at work, she enjoys shopping, spending time with friends and family, and watching hours of TV series.


William Chan

Account Finance |

William is a quiet person, with extreme focus on the task at hand. William handles the billing and invoices for the company. He also coordinates events for Edulence. We like William. In his free time, he likes to cycle.


Darren Whyte

Support Analyst |

Darren is Edulence’s Technical Analyst and is a member of the Customer Success team. He loves problem solving and believes in order to complete a task quickly. He focuses on every single detail surrounding a particular issue. Darren is a professional Googler. In his free time, Darren watches tons of anime, works out daily in the gym, and studies whatever his heart desires.


Harry Altman

Account Executive |

If you were to walk into our office, you would probably find Harry on the phone. Harry has a passion for working with clients and delivering them the best solutions. Harry is a key member of the customer success team, talking to clients on a daily basis and delivering informative solutions. He holds his degree in economics but has a wealth of knowledge in digital marketing. Harry was a four year all-conference collegiate tennis player and has an extreme love for New York sports teams including the Knicks, the Jets, and the Yankees.


Supriya Bhargava

Business Analyst |

Supriya is a Business Analyst with a developer background. She may be quiet, but her work ethic and performance speak for themselves. She may also be a sneaky evil genius, we’re not sure.


Veronika Sniegirova

Business Analyst |

Veronika came from website development and is a member of the Knowledgelink team. She uses her organizational leadership skills to focus on details and execute the best product. Veronika enjoys always being on top of things… work related things.


Sean Oh

Software Engineer |

Sean’s artistic aspirations led him to become a successful developer for Edulence. He is also a self-proclaimed Indie game developer, and spends a lot of his free time on creating mobile games.


Mack Sobanjo

Support Analyst |

Mack has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and uses his skills to be a successful support analyst for Edulence. He is super goofy and social, but extremely hard working and resilient. Mack is terrified of snakes. In his free time, he enjoys sports, running, video games and traveling.


Noe Lara


Noe is an extremely talented graphic designer who works to help create outstanding graphics for both Edulence and our clients. Noe enjoys fashion and is a huge basketball fan. In his free time, Noe loves to eat and hike with his dog.


Michele DeVincent


Michele helps out in the marketing department supplementing her time as a college student. She is currently a senior at the University of California, Berkeley and is a member of the Women’s Division I Varsity Lacrosse program. When she’s not hitting the books, practicing, or doing some extra work for Edulence, Michele enjoys spending time in the California sunshine, cooking and running.


Allen Garvey

Software Engineer

Allen is a front-end developer who likes to use his design skills to make things look pretty. In his free time he likes to lift heavy weights and draw New York City architecture.


Esther Dionisio

Media Production

Esther is the Media Intern. She’s good at quick video edits and is always willing to learn more in the production field. In her free time she rages over League of Legends and edits videos for her own Youtube!

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